Blatant Abuse of Facebook Photo Sharing

For anyone that uses Facebook I am sure that you have those friends that upload every single picture they have to Facebook without caring if the photo is in focus, already in their album or basically down right pointless.  Heck, you might be that person yourself.  My thought on this is that the person is using Facebook as a free photo hosting site for starters.  It makes you wonder what photos they are keeping “private” on their page just to have them uploaded.

Another theory I have is that these people simply upload every single photo they have.  Perhaps they do not understand the concept of a single upload or this person got the one device that is malfunctioned because the trash can/delete button was never installed rendering it impossible to make any sort of edits or deletions before uploading.  No, scratch that, you can still only select one photo to upload.

Also, if the photo is already in an album the chances are friends have seen it.  The exception to this is the “Profile” album.  For some reason, every time you change your profile back and forth between profile pictures it wants to duplicate the picture.  This is an understandable duplication and should not be seen as a spam whore picture posting.

For those of you who may be lucky to not have any friends on Facebook who have these behaviors, or better yet, you just do not use Facebook; here is what you are missing (note: this is just a random user I came across whose albums are public, if you know her perhaps you can help her out – thanks!!):


Your friends need a delete button and you need an intervention.


This is very scary. Are you laughing, crying or taking a crap? Why would you share this with anyone? Delete immediately!


This is good. You are happy and smiling. Your friends will be happy and smiling. No one is scared.


You are getting the hang of this. This is a great picture. All your friends are going to love this!


Okay. Do we need to go over this again?

Forced smile and third photo of same situation.  Enough already!

Forced smile and third photo of same situation. Enough already!

Also, if anyone missed the posting of the some of these photos the first time around there is no need to worry.  These award-winning, show-stopping photos were posted to the album more than once.  Whew!  That is a relief.  I was worried that someone may have missed a moment of this lady’s precious life there for a moment.  Stay tuned for her page for any upcoming adventures, smiles, movements, poses or anything for that matter.

Remember Facebook is the place to post and share everything no matter how big or small; no matter how important or insignificant; it happened in your life and it was important to you and the world needs to know about it!

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