My Cat Thinks I Should Do Laundry

Alright, so maybe I am a little overdue on doing the laundry.  He has to pass this huge pile to get to his cat box *evil snicker*.  The only reason I added that evil snicker is because of the look he gives me right before he crosses what is known to him as, “the danger zone”.  He probably has developed anxiety over having to pass the “danger zone”.  Now that I think of it that way, I do feel bad and am going to get my laundry done today.  As a reader of this blog, one would know about my ongoing battle with anxiety.  I do not want that for my cat son.

That Laundry Better Not Touch Me

That Laundry Better Not Touch Me

He gives me this look that says, “If one piece of your dirty laundry falls on me, I am going to get my revenge on you human mother”.  It is really a scary look.  It is one of those human/cat challenging each other looks.  Neither one wants to look away first.  To me, the laundry pile is a tad bigger than usual, yes.  To him, it is an avalanche waiting to strike at any moment; of course when he is walking innocently by.  My cat can give me some scary looks.  I think it would be in my best interest to do my laundry today.

However, my cat seems to forget that for 11 years he has been without his front claws.  Yet, I forget that has given him 11 years to do a great amount of time to think of ways to torment or torture me without his claws.

The Cat’s Revenge

Now you can see why that look is so scary; perhaps even intimidating.  I found a comic in a Reader’s Digest issue October 2011.  It was an issue dedicated to humor. Needless to say, this just goes to show even more why I should not let an avalanche of clothing fall on my cat.  I think the final outcome would be in his favor.

On a *side note* to PETA members or people who think that to have your cat’s front claws professionally removed is outrageously cruel, please remember this is just a blog, not a hardcore newspaper or political/activist column.  It is just little me; the tellings of my weird life, and sometimes my AWESOME cat (AZ Meow Meow) gets his time in the spotlight too.  Just as the title of the blog states; “Word Vomit”.  On that note, the veterinarian took away my cats “skin and furniture rippers” just about 11 years ago.  I do not feel shame, guilt, or remorse about this.  I always make sure he is inside and bring plenty of little rodents in for him to chase and kill with his vicious fangs.  Maybe I will record it one day and post a video, hmmm.  If anyone has any problems with this issue please include your name and address and any ridiculous comments you might have to make about the torture this is to cats in the comments section below.  I will see if I can get one of the local veterinarians to possibly mail you all the cat nails he or she may accumulate from any future medical claw removals.  Perhaps you can find a way to re-attach them to cats that you know that are in need of claws.  Wow, that is actually a great idea.  Maybe PETA can turn it into an on the side non-profit?  Veterinarians take claws from less deserving cats and PETA returns them to the more deserving cats.  What a concept.  I highly doubt that will be probable.  It is such a shame when good ideas and intentions do not get followed through upon.  It is the thought that counts.  Also, maybe you have not heard about all the kids being shot in schools lately, or any other issues that the we, as humans, living in reality deal with.  Please, I ask you, leave comments about how I and many others torture cats by having their claws violently taken away from them.  You are doing your part for humanity.  I graciously thank you.

**Disclaimer** A cat was intentionally harmed by way of having his claws removed by a professional veterinarian just about 11 years ago.

Also, if you took an interest in this post you may want to take part in this poll.

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