Anthrophobia, Anthophobia – Yes I Have This

There are tons of phobias in the world.  I have more than a few myself.  Anthrophobia, Anthophobia is the fear of flowers.  Now, let me just say that I am not afraid of all flowers.  I am afraid of wildflowers.  I do find them beautiful, from a distance, in an evil, dangerous kind of way.  I will buy flowers from the store or florists, sure, no problem there.  I will not stop along some trail in the woods and smell or pick the “pretty” flowers.

Who wouldn’t want to smell this pretty flower?

This is thanks to my dad.  You see when I was about five or six we were in the front yard.  He led me over to a pretty little white flower.  He told me to feel the petals and stem.  I did.  Hmm, it felt like any other flower.  Well, then he said, “touch your nose”.  Holy Ouch!  Yes, the flower was Stinging Nettle.  Stinging Nettle does not always look the same, so I can never be sure if I have come across it again.  I have found it is best to just avoid those wildflowers that could be waiting to sting me.

Thanks dad, for giving me this awful and bizarre phobia of wildflowers; really flowers, why couldn’t it be something so much cooler?  Actually he has led me to have a few phobias which I will describe in another entry.

Till then, stop and smell the roses!

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