Invaders in the Night

I believe that animals are among the “select” that get to see or notice the presence of unearthly beings.  I think this is especially true of them being able to notice ghost.  My cat, AZ Meow  Meow, noticed some sorta of ghostly presence last night.  I think it is the new place.  He never used to chase imaginary or invisible mice or spiders.  Now he does.  That is not all.  Last night the two of were all curled up for bed.  He suddenly started staring at the ceiling.  I tried to get his attention elsewhere, because, honestly; it was freaking me out.  Something was there.  What that something was, I could not see.  He would not pull his attention away from it.  I moved him and tried to ignore the unearthly presence.  He leapt from my arms.  He sat on the edge of the bed and started staring at the exact same spot again.  It seemed as if he was in a trance.  NO!  I was not going to let my cat’s body become overtaken by some malicious presence.  I snapped on all the lights, turned on music.  I laughed to myself, ha ha ha, you spirit thingy, here is a little real world sensory overload for you.  An hour later, I checked to see if the visitor was gone.  Turned off the lights (well except for one) and turned off the music.  AZ Meow Meow came to cuddle perfectly content.  He did not even give the ceiling a glance.  I am hoping there will not be any issues tonight.  Preparing to arm myself with flashlights and loud speakers.

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