Oh Toe!

Really ridiculous I know.  However, I was just sitting there and my toe caught my eye.  What the heck is wrong with it?  The whole nail is bruised.  You think I would remember doing something that would entail something so serious as to make this massive injury (exaggerating).  But, the sad the was I could not make myself look away.  The more I looked on, the more it seemed to tingle and throb.  Whoa, I think I am feeling a little dizzy and nauseated.  I cannot be feeling this way.  This is just a bruised toenail.

The power of the mind to conjure up hysteria in the smallest of cases is incredible.  No, you will not bleed to death from a hangnail.  I finally forced myself to look away.  Miracle, in about three minutes I forgot all about, until I looked down again.  Crap.  You see, I would just paint the thing some pretty shade of red, but then I would not be able to tell if it is getting worse.  I need to see if I need to get medical help, to of course save my toe from having to be amputated.

I really would put a picture of the hideous toenail up.  However, I am sure that someone out there on internet land has a toe fetish.  I for one do not want my toe perved.  It is true, you never know who is going to creep you.

Going to try to ignore the awful toe for the rest of the day, maybe it will just go away.

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