Ants Make the Perfect Anorexics

Kind of random I know.  I do not wish to offend, I did struggle with my own bout of anorexia myself.  I was just sitting in the yard, innocently smoking a cigarette.  I focused in on this ant carrying a piece of food.  Then I felt sad for it.  It is going to spend his/her entire short life not only, not eating, but carrying food to the Queen Ant so she can stuff her fat face and produce more servants.  Really, what a selfish fuck.  And. She has wings.  She could just as easily go hunt for the food herself, she could probably get her hunger satisfied a lot quicker.  I sort of want to do an experiment.  I want to put an ant in a box with a tiny morsel of food (let’s say a piece of cheeseburger…mmm).  Now, the question is, “will the ant succumb to it’s hunger and say FUCK the queen and eat the yummy piece of cheeseburger?” or, will the ant just carry the piece of cheeseburger around hopelessly searching for the queen until the little ant legs break from exhaustion and the poor helpless soul dies of anguish and torment.  No need to worry, I am not going to do this experiment; that would obviously be animal cruelty of some sort and I DO NOT want PETA screaming in my ear.  Does everyone else see how ants make the perfect anorexics or is it just me??

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