Intrusive Thoughts

Most people would take the bike ride that I have to make to the VA as a “pleasurable journey”; sadly, not me.  You see, I have this weird obsession with dead bodies and where they may or may not be located.  It seriously occupies my mind, ALL. the. time.  So, I start out on this bike journey.  La la la.  Then, I come to the first site in question…a bridge that crosses over a “crick” (you people from the south know what a crick is).  Anyways, it is in this muddy, woody area, fairly secluded.  I stop with my bike and look down from the bridge because I just know if I don’t that the dead girl down there will come back to haunt me for letting her body rot and for not finding her and calling the cops.  So, I peer down, knowing I am going to see a dead girl, but then I think at the same time that, “the killer” is going to return to visit his victim, see me, then I will in-turn become his next victim.  Grudgingly, I move on down the road.  Further down the way there is this place that does stuff with rock/stone…what they do I have no idea.  But across the road from them is another wooded area and right before you enter the woods is two areas of rock that have been formed into a kinda formation is the best I can explain.  It is obvious that someone was trying to hide a dead body with these rocks.  I get tempted every time I pass this area just to stop my bike and start moving the rocks to see what’s under there, but, then my fingerprints will be on the rocks and I will become a suspect or an accomplice at the very least (note to self – buy gloves).  If I buy gloves, I have every reason to dig into the rock formations.  OOOhhh, there is this area that is by the railroad tracks that is guarded by electric fencing.  All I can tell that is back there is a big hill, some tall grass, some trees, I don’t know it looks like it could be potentially holding a few dead people.  Well, the other day as I was approaching this area on my bike, this nice sports car was pulled up to it, when the guy saw me, he backed out and turned around.  I continued.  Then he turned around again, went back to the gate, you know, he must have been trying to take the dead body in his trunk there.  That is the only logical conclusion.  There was no where for me to hide and watch.  Shit.  Another one got away.  This is how what should be a nice, relaxing journey on a bike gets all screwy and stressful.  WTF??

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3 Responses to Intrusive Thoughts

  1. Porkchop says:

    I feel so comforted knowing that I am not the only one sizing up locations based on their ability to hide a dead body! Yes to this post!

    • Jenny says:

      There needs to be a support group for people like us. Really? Why can we not just enjoy nature for what it is?

      • Porkchop says:

        I remember driving through the bayous of Lousiana on a vacation and all I could think to myself is “there must be so many corpses in there.”

        You’re clearly a kindred spirit. I look forward to reading more of your twisted thoughts.

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