Blatant Abuse of Facebook Photo Sharing

For anyone that uses Facebook I am sure that you have those friends that upload every single picture they have to Facebook without caring if the photo is in focus, already in their album or basically down right pointless.  Heck, you might be that person yourself.  My thought on this is that the person is using Facebook as a free photo hosting site for starters.  It makes you wonder what photos they are keeping “private” on their page just to have them uploaded.

Another theory I have is that these people simply upload every single photo they have.  Perhaps they do not understand the concept of a single upload or this person got the one device that is malfunctioned because the trash can/delete button was never installed rendering it impossible to make any sort of edits or deletions before uploading.  No, scratch that, you can still only select one photo to upload.

Also, if the photo is already in an album the chances are friends have seen it.  The exception to this is the “Profile” album.  For some reason, every time you change your profile back and forth between profile pictures it wants to duplicate the picture.  This is an understandable duplication and should not be seen as a spam whore picture posting.

For those of you who may be lucky to not have any friends on Facebook who have these behaviors, or better yet, you just do not use Facebook; here is what you are missing (note: this is just a random user I came across whose albums are public, if you know her perhaps you can help her out – thanks!!):


Your friends need a delete button and you need an intervention.


This is very scary. Are you laughing, crying or taking a crap? Why would you share this with anyone? Delete immediately!


This is good. You are happy and smiling. Your friends will be happy and smiling. No one is scared.


You are getting the hang of this. This is a great picture. All your friends are going to love this!


Okay. Do we need to go over this again?

Forced smile and third photo of same situation.  Enough already!

Forced smile and third photo of same situation. Enough already!

Also, if anyone missed the posting of the some of these photos the first time around there is no need to worry.  These award-winning, show-stopping photos were posted to the album more than once.  Whew!  That is a relief.  I was worried that someone may have missed a moment of this lady’s precious life there for a moment.  Stay tuned for her page for any upcoming adventures, smiles, movements, poses or anything for that matter.

Remember Facebook is the place to post and share everything no matter how big or small; no matter how important or insignificant; it happened in your life and it was important to you and the world needs to know about it!

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5 Etsy Sellers Whom Are Clearly Serial Killers

Here is a great article from that I could not resist sharing.  This is great stuff!

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If I Could Go, I Would.

I heard from a friend in another country about a unique festival that they have in their community.  It is definitely different, yet, sounds really fun.  I would go just for the experience.  It got me to thinking of all the wonderful festivals and celebrations in the USA and around the world I would go to if I had the time and money.  I am going to add them to a calendar on my blog.  Who knows maybe one will look interesting enough that you will go.  If you do go, I am sure we would all love to see pictures and here about the experience.

I know there are plenty of really fun sounding events/festivals out there.  I will slowly be adding them as I come across them.

Please see the calendar in the sidebar for the festivals!

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My Cat Thinks I Should Do Laundry

Alright, so maybe I am a little overdue on doing the laundry.  He has to pass this huge pile to get to his cat box *evil snicker*.  The only reason I added that evil snicker is because of the look he gives me right before he crosses what is known to him as, “the danger zone”.  He probably has developed anxiety over having to pass the “danger zone”.  Now that I think of it that way, I do feel bad and am going to get my laundry done today.  As a reader of this blog, one would know about my ongoing battle with anxiety.  I do not want that for my cat son.

That Laundry Better Not Touch Me

That Laundry Better Not Touch Me

He gives me this look that says, “If one piece of your dirty laundry falls on me, I am going to get my revenge on you human mother”.  It is really a scary look.  It is one of those human/cat challenging each other looks.  Neither one wants to look away first.  To me, the laundry pile is a tad bigger than usual, yes.  To him, it is an avalanche waiting to strike at any moment; of course when he is walking innocently by.  My cat can give me some scary looks.  I think it would be in my best interest to do my laundry today.

However, my cat seems to forget that for 11 years he has been without his front claws.  Yet, I forget that has given him 11 years to do a great amount of time to think of ways to torment or torture me without his claws.

The Cat’s Revenge

Now you can see why that look is so scary; perhaps even intimidating.  I found a comic in a Reader’s Digest issue October 2011.  It was an issue dedicated to humor. Needless to say, this just goes to show even more why I should not let an avalanche of clothing fall on my cat.  I think the final outcome would be in his favor.

On a *side note* to PETA members or people who think that to have your cat’s front claws professionally removed is outrageously cruel, please remember this is just a blog, not a hardcore newspaper or political/activist column.  It is just little me; the tellings of my weird life, and sometimes my AWESOME cat (AZ Meow Meow) gets his time in the spotlight too.  Just as the title of the blog states; “Word Vomit”.  On that note, the veterinarian took away my cats “skin and furniture rippers” just about 11 years ago.  I do not feel shame, guilt, or remorse about this.  I always make sure he is inside and bring plenty of little rodents in for him to chase and kill with his vicious fangs.  Maybe I will record it one day and post a video, hmmm.  If anyone has any problems with this issue please include your name and address and any ridiculous comments you might have to make about the torture this is to cats in the comments section below.  I will see if I can get one of the local veterinarians to possibly mail you all the cat nails he or she may accumulate from any future medical claw removals.  Perhaps you can find a way to re-attach them to cats that you know that are in need of claws.  Wow, that is actually a great idea.  Maybe PETA can turn it into an on the side non-profit?  Veterinarians take claws from less deserving cats and PETA returns them to the more deserving cats.  What a concept.  I highly doubt that will be probable.  It is such a shame when good ideas and intentions do not get followed through upon.  It is the thought that counts.  Also, maybe you have not heard about all the kids being shot in schools lately, or any other issues that the we, as humans, living in reality deal with.  Please, I ask you, leave comments about how I and many others torture cats by having their claws violently taken away from them.  You are doing your part for humanity.  I graciously thank you.

**Disclaimer** A cat was intentionally harmed by way of having his claws removed by a professional veterinarian just about 11 years ago.

Also, if you took an interest in this post you may want to take part in this poll.

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Anthrophobia, Anthophobia – Yes I Have This

There are tons of phobias in the world.  I have more than a few myself.  Anthrophobia, Anthophobia is the fear of flowers.  Now, let me just say that I am not afraid of all flowers.  I am afraid of wildflowers.  I do find them beautiful, from a distance, in an evil, dangerous kind of way.  I will buy flowers from the store or florists, sure, no problem there.  I will not stop along some trail in the woods and smell or pick the “pretty” flowers.

Who wouldn’t want to smell this pretty flower?

This is thanks to my dad.  You see when I was about five or six we were in the front yard.  He led me over to a pretty little white flower.  He told me to feel the petals and stem.  I did.  Hmm, it felt like any other flower.  Well, then he said, “touch your nose”.  Holy Ouch!  Yes, the flower was Stinging Nettle.  Stinging Nettle does not always look the same, so I can never be sure if I have come across it again.  I have found it is best to just avoid those wildflowers that could be waiting to sting me.

Thanks dad, for giving me this awful and bizarre phobia of wildflowers; really flowers, why couldn’t it be something so much cooler?  Actually he has led me to have a few phobias which I will describe in another entry.

Till then, stop and smell the roses!

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Invaders in the Night

I believe that animals are among the “select” that get to see or notice the presence of unearthly beings.  I think this is especially true of them being able to notice ghost.  My cat, AZ Meow  Meow, noticed some sorta of ghostly presence last night.  I think it is the new place.  He never used to chase imaginary or invisible mice or spiders.  Now he does.  That is not all.  Last night the two of were all curled up for bed.  He suddenly started staring at the ceiling.  I tried to get his attention elsewhere, because, honestly; it was freaking me out.  Something was there.  What that something was, I could not see.  He would not pull his attention away from it.  I moved him and tried to ignore the unearthly presence.  He leapt from my arms.  He sat on the edge of the bed and started staring at the exact same spot again.  It seemed as if he was in a trance.  NO!  I was not going to let my cat’s body become overtaken by some malicious presence.  I snapped on all the lights, turned on music.  I laughed to myself, ha ha ha, you spirit thingy, here is a little real world sensory overload for you.  An hour later, I checked to see if the visitor was gone.  Turned off the lights (well except for one) and turned off the music.  AZ Meow Meow came to cuddle perfectly content.  He did not even give the ceiling a glance.  I am hoping there will not be any issues tonight.  Preparing to arm myself with flashlights and loud speakers.

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Oh Toe!

Really ridiculous I know.  However, I was just sitting there and my toe caught my eye.  What the heck is wrong with it?  The whole nail is bruised.  You think I would remember doing something that would entail something so serious as to make this massive injury (exaggerating).  But, the sad the was I could not make myself look away.  The more I looked on, the more it seemed to tingle and throb.  Whoa, I think I am feeling a little dizzy and nauseated.  I cannot be feeling this way.  This is just a bruised toenail.

The power of the mind to conjure up hysteria in the smallest of cases is incredible.  No, you will not bleed to death from a hangnail.  I finally forced myself to look away.  Miracle, in about three minutes I forgot all about, until I looked down again.  Crap.  You see, I would just paint the thing some pretty shade of red, but then I would not be able to tell if it is getting worse.  I need to see if I need to get medical help, to of course save my toe from having to be amputated.

I really would put a picture of the hideous toenail up.  However, I am sure that someone out there on internet land has a toe fetish.  I for one do not want my toe perved.  It is true, you never know who is going to creep you.

Going to try to ignore the awful toe for the rest of the day, maybe it will just go away.

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So I Might Be Satan

I am not trying to offend anyone with this blog entry, sorry if I do.  I have assorted views on religion.  Basically, keep it to yourself; unless you are asked.  Simple.  Recently, I asked an old friend from HS about some religious stuff.  We are having an ongoing email discussion via Facebook.  In this case, yes, I do indeed want her honest feedback.  I really want to know what she has to say and am opening to listening.

Also, I have religious friends.  They may post the occasional religious public posting on Facebook, or send the occasional religious email.  That’s fine and dandy because most of them are uplifting; motivating even. They give me something to think about and ponder.

Okay.  So where am I going with this?  I have this family member who sends me the most bizarre, and I must say, kinda scary religious stuff.  It is not uplifting or motivating.  It tells me how I am the devil; I am Satan; I am following Satan; etc.

John 8:43-47

(43) Why do you not understand My speech? Because you are not able to listen to My word. (44) You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. (45) But because I tell the truth, you do not believe Me. (46) Which of you convicts Me of sin? And if I tell the truth, why do you not believe Me? (47) He who is of God hears God”s words; therefore you do not hear, because you are not of God.”

Now, I could sit and ponder that awhile and most likely come up with a good explanation as well as the meaning behind these words.  Maybe then they would not be so scary sounding.  However, I was like…What. The. Fuck??  

Things like this just really freak me out, scare the shit out of me, and basically, well…most of the time do not get a response or get deleted.  However, this family member has seemed kinda persistent lately on sending me this stuff.  So, here is something that I thought would be ironically funny to send back. How To Suck At Your Religion

What does everyone think I should do?  Just pondering my options…

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Ants Make the Perfect Anorexics

Kind of random I know.  I do not wish to offend, I did struggle with my own bout of anorexia myself.  I was just sitting in the yard, innocently smoking a cigarette.  I focused in on this ant carrying a piece of food.  Then I felt sad for it.  It is going to spend his/her entire short life not only, not eating, but carrying food to the Queen Ant so she can stuff her fat face and produce more servants.  Really, what a selfish fuck.  And. She has wings.  She could just as easily go hunt for the food herself, she could probably get her hunger satisfied a lot quicker.  I sort of want to do an experiment.  I want to put an ant in a box with a tiny morsel of food (let’s say a piece of cheeseburger…mmm).  Now, the question is, “will the ant succumb to it’s hunger and say FUCK the queen and eat the yummy piece of cheeseburger?” or, will the ant just carry the piece of cheeseburger around hopelessly searching for the queen until the little ant legs break from exhaustion and the poor helpless soul dies of anguish and torment.  No need to worry, I am not going to do this experiment; that would obviously be animal cruelty of some sort and I DO NOT want PETA screaming in my ear.  Does everyone else see how ants make the perfect anorexics or is it just me??

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Do Not Accept Anything From Strangers!

Didn’t my parent’s tell me not to accept things from strangers…rides, food, drinks, candy, etc.  Well, yesterday I seemed to have let this age-old advice slip to the way-side.  I was riding my bike in the heat of the day.  I had already drank all of the water that I had brought with me and still had about 2 miles to go.  I really thought I was going to faint.  At this point I was walking along side my bike.  I come to this house where this man had just pulled into his drive.  He gets out of his car and asks if I would like a bottle of water; warning *red flag*…but before I can even process the dangers, I hear myself say, “Yes, please.”  What??? Really?  Okay, so he goes into his house to get it, I just wait like a lost puppy.  He comes out with the glowing, sparkling bottle of greatness.  I immediately start to drink it.  He points across the road to a bench and mentions that I should have a seat over there and take a rest.  SHIT.  Stop drinking the water.  This water must be drugged.  He wants me to go over there so he can keep an eye on me and wait for the drugs to kick in.  At this point I should have just poured the water over my head, while screaming, “AH, YOU CAN’T DRUG ME!!”.  I just thanked him for the water and carried on my way.  You might be wondering did I keep the water; I did.  Why?  Because it was fucking HOT out.  It was either be drugged or die of heat exhaustion.  I drank very little though.

I made it to my appointment with “A”.  When she greeted me, I sat down and immediately let her know the situation. “Hi, just so you know I accepted this bottle from a stranger.  It might have drugs in it.  If I start acting funny, weird, or go into any sort of fit then you can say for sure that there are drugs in it.”  “A” said, “well, was the bottle sealed?” “You know, I can’t remember, I was just too damn thirsty.”  “Okay, I will keep an eye on you.”  I made it through the entire bottle of water without an incident, luckily, it was not drugged and there just happened to have been a kind citizen looking out for my well-being.  Imagine that.

Later in the day.  A friend and I are sitting on some steps by the smoke-shack so I can partake in my filthy cigarette habit.  An older gentleman comes up to me and asks for a light.  Sure no problem.  I help him out and he goes away.  Not to long thereafter he returns with a cigarette in a box and says it is for me.  FREE cigarette…SCORE!!! Of course I take it.  My friend kindly points out that this is the second time today that someone might be drugging me.  Crap.  I keep to smoke the cigarette later at my house, away from everyone, you never know.  These older people have access to the “good” stuff.  Final report:  nothing, no drugs.

This just goes to show how dangerous it is taking anything from strangers.  You never know what they have going on in their deviant minds.  Bastards!

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Intrusive Thoughts

Most people would take the bike ride that I have to make to the VA as a “pleasurable journey”; sadly, not me.  You see, I have this weird obsession with dead bodies and where they may or may not be located.  It seriously occupies my mind, ALL. the. time.  So, I start out on this bike journey.  La la la.  Then, I come to the first site in question…a bridge that crosses over a “crick” (you people from the south know what a crick is).  Anyways, it is in this muddy, woody area, fairly secluded.  I stop with my bike and look down from the bridge because I just know if I don’t that the dead girl down there will come back to haunt me for letting her body rot and for not finding her and calling the cops.  So, I peer down, knowing I am going to see a dead girl, but then I think at the same time that, “the killer” is going to return to visit his victim, see me, then I will in-turn become his next victim.  Grudgingly, I move on down the road.  Further down the way there is this place that does stuff with rock/stone…what they do I have no idea.  But across the road from them is another wooded area and right before you enter the woods is two areas of rock that have been formed into a kinda formation is the best I can explain.  It is obvious that someone was trying to hide a dead body with these rocks.  I get tempted every time I pass this area just to stop my bike and start moving the rocks to see what’s under there, but, then my fingerprints will be on the rocks and I will become a suspect or an accomplice at the very least (note to self – buy gloves).  If I buy gloves, I have every reason to dig into the rock formations.  OOOhhh, there is this area that is by the railroad tracks that is guarded by electric fencing.  All I can tell that is back there is a big hill, some tall grass, some trees, I don’t know it looks like it could be potentially holding a few dead people.  Well, the other day as I was approaching this area on my bike, this nice sports car was pulled up to it, when the guy saw me, he backed out and turned around.  I continued.  Then he turned around again, went back to the gate, you know, he must have been trying to take the dead body in his trunk there.  That is the only logical conclusion.  There was no where for me to hide and watch.  Shit.  Another one got away.  This is how what should be a nice, relaxing journey on a bike gets all screwy and stressful.  WTF??

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A Bit of Awkwardness

I thank the world for the shelter of computers daily.  I can literally hide behind them and express myself without seeming like a complete fool.  For example, throughout middle-school and high-school…I.was.awkward!!  I was that kid that could not stand in front of the class and give a presentation, talk, or speak about ANYTHING.  I would get up, get in front of the class, and then this horrible, uncontrollable shaking, violent laughing/crying would start.  My face would turn unnatural shades of red.  Tears would start pouring out my eyes.  I would need to return to my desk and hide beneath my arms and hair.  It would take a while to maintain composure.  Awkward?  YES!  I am sure it was awkward for the whole damn class.  The other students were probably thinking, what. the. fuck. is wrong with this girl??  Luckily, they were fairly forgiving, though I am sure they dreaded when it was my turn to get up in front, maybe not, maybe I provided some sort of sick amusement for them.  None of them really gave me a hard time about it though, I think they were kind of afraid of me, like, shit.  We better be nice to that girl, or else, she is going to have another spaz attack and just. fucking. lose. it.  Really, it was just bad, really bad, anxiety.  I promise!  Thank goodness I take pills for that now, yeah for medications.  But we had this ridiculous Spanish teacher, Ms. Tempone, she really asked my friend if I was on drugs??  Really, maybe she should have offered me some.  I think I got kicked out of her class more than any other for laughing.  Awkward.  But, do not worry, that awkwardness is still with me.  I have just learned to embrace it, make it this unique side-kick that everyone wants, but can never obtain.  They would have to have years of patience working towards and with it.  Developing skills on how to make it able to be lived with, not exactly okay by society’s standards, but…society, makes people awkward.  For example, I recently pierced both my arms (about 20 piercings total) now to the fellow body piercers, tattoo lover; this is totally acceptable, perhaps even bitchin.  Now, to the rest of society, I get looks, like I am a freak of nature, like I am about to pull out a gun and demand 50 cents.  No, no I would only use a gun if I needed a dollar people (see not normal, and kinda awkward reading right???) You aren’t sure whether you should laugh or report me…well, relax, IT’S A JOKE!!  Seriously, please do not report me.  I was just kidding, but I say things like this ALL THE TIME.  I get THAT look.  I cross some sort of social boundary that I never knew even existed.  Once you cross that, how do you go back, can you?  Then, after you cross it, it just gets more awkward from there, it seems to spiral down into this abyss of awkwardness.  Stumbling, saying one thing after another that doesn’t make sense.  The cashier and I could be talking about the weather, then I could for no reason, except for social-awkwardness start rambling about the diseases you could catch working as a cashier.  Then, needless to say, I would get a strange look, if lucky enough a strange comment.  Then out of politeness, I would try to make up for my uncanning awkwardness and words will spill forth like vomit how I am sure she doesn’t have a disease or anything like that, but she should be careful, but maybe the next cashier over does, they shouldn’t share lunch or anything.  As a matter of fact, just don’t stand too close to her.  Then, to make things more awkward, my laughter starts coming out, and I am trying my hardest to keep it in, oh. damn. it’s just not working.  Now, the lady thinks I’m fucking with her.  SIGH.

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